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my music

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Joe Dietz

I simply love music and my style reflects heavy influences of Rock, R&B, Soul and Jazz. My musical spectrum doesn’t stop there, however. Actually one of my favorite things to compose and arrange is film music.At the age of 10, I started my first piano lessons. At the age of 15, I had my first Band “The Commons”. Since that time, I have gained a lot of musical experience in a variety of bands and expanded my expertise in different musical fields. A few years ago, for example, I published a primer for young musicians who want to study modern improvisation in jazz. The range of music and musicians which have influenced me is very wide. The fact that I have become acquainted with the music of the great J.B. Bach when I was a very young guy has had as much of an impact as the rock music by Deep Purple or Joe Cocker, the "sophisticated" music of Steely Dan as well as the music of Sting and the jazz of the likes of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Chick Corea and so many contemporary masters of today’s popular music (I especially like Jamie Cullum). That’s why the music work I do is so various. So feel free to listen to one of my songs and pieces, which represent the wide range of my musical work!Wayne Thompson (Manager for Harry Belafonte, Steven Seagal and others, promoter for Liza Minnelli, Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys and others) wrote after listening to some of my pieces: "Joe; You've got the chops. Great music sensibility... I could listen all day to your music!" Thank you, Wayne, for keeping these songs of mine!NBT Records: The Song „Will the Train Come Back” comes to us from Germany. This Song is also assured to be a listener’s favourite as the artists do a spectacular job.


Joe Dietz & Matt Kraemer


Piano Motifs